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Masters Personal Training are here to provide you with the motivation, the skills and the guidance, to maximise your fitness targets, your optimum health, and to promote an energetic, enjoyable and productive lifestyle. 
From the very first meeting with your personal trainer, your good intentions will transform into satisfying and permanent gains to your health, wellbeing and fitness. 
We have our own fully equiped studio and can provide tailor made fitness programmes and access to state of the art gym facilities. 
If you want to lose weight, get fitter, be healthy or live a longer healthier life then we can help. Don't put if off for another day, make your first step to a healthier you TODAY! 
Every session with your personal trainer, is designed to make you look and feel better, with our personally designed programmes taylored you YOUR specific needs. If your a total begginer, or a track athelete, our sessions are designed to take you from strength to strength.  
If your suffering from a localised weakness with in your body from a trauma such as a car accident or injury we have the knowledge to get you back on your feet and fighting fit. Or may be you've put on a few too many pounds and are struggling to get them back off, we've worked with all shape and sizes.  
To Masters Personal Training your not just a number your someone who needs our help and advice and we're here to give you the guidance your need to get yourself where you need to be. 
Masters Personal Training are located on Brockhall village but trade as a seperate business to the hotel. 
Contact us today to book an appointment 
Tel: 07736 459 565  
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